Chris Guinn | Team | HGGC

Chris Guinn is an Operating Partner of ORG

Chris Guinn is an Operating Partner of Operational Resource Group, LLC (“ORG”)*. Prior to joining ORG, Chris led the acquisition integration for Golden Gate Capital portfolio company Atrium Corporation into Ply Gem Industries. Previously, Chris held the Chief Financial Officer role at Atrium Corporation and Neways International, both Golden Gate Capital portfolio companies. Chris joined ORG to assist with certain diligence matters and management projects with respect to current and prospective HGGC portfolio companies.


  • Role Operating Partner
  • Joined 2018
  • Education B.S. in Accounting from Ball State University


* Operational Resource Group, LLC (“ORG”) provides operational resources to portfolio companies affiliated with HGGC. ORG Operating Partners serve as Capital Advisers to HGGC and are either employees of ORG, employees of portfolio companies, or independent contractors–they are not employees of HGGC.