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We are relationship investors with operating backgrounds who seek to partner with founder-owners, management teams and sponsors to build differentiated middle-market businesses in North America and beyond.

Advantaged Investing

We seek to leverage our investor-operator skillsets and deep multi-sector networks to develop preferred partner relationships that encourage alignment of interests as we work to drive positive outcomes that lead to strong references and enhanced networks.

$71 BillionTotal Transaction Value

$6.9 Billion+Cumulative Commitments

Over 70,000Portfolio Company Employees

600Portfolio Investments

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Middle Market Focus

We invest in companies that we believe have leading competitive positions in defensible markets where we can add value via our operating skills and relationships. We seek to distinguish ourselves by demonstrating our ability to source and acquire scalable businesses through partnerships with founder-owners, management teams and sponsors.


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Platform Investments

Add-on Acquisitions



Business Services


Financial Services



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Integrity Marketing Group

Upland Software


$400 Millionthe largest investor across our funds

$900 Million Institutional Co-Invest provided

$2.4 BillionSeller Rollover Reinvestment

$8.2 BillionTotal Equity Deployed

Integrity Marketing Group

Upland Software

Partnership Model

We value relationship investing that drives alignment of interest among all equity participants as we seek to identify and back founder-owners, management teams and sponsors, who believe it is the 2nd and not the 7th inning of the value creation lifecycle.

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